Houston Hotties Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé finally join forces for a savage remix.

It’s finally happening! The hottest ladies in Houston have joined forces to form a cheerful Voltron of hot girl summery wildness and collaborated on a new song. Both ladies are from Huston, Texas, and they are also fans of each other. So, it’s great to work together.

There had been humming (heh!) a week ago about potential cooperation between the hot women soon, so we have to pay good attention. Particularly, Bey was supposed to bounce on Meg’s famous track, “Savage” for a remix.

Therefore, it’s not a rumor anymore, it’s reality! “Savage Remix” including Beyoncé is out right now!

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan announced on her Instagram account Wednesday with this caption, “I’m literally crying being from HOUSTON MF TEXAS this shit means EVERYTHING to me!!!!”

Also, all profit of the song will be going toward Bey’s BeyGood initiative. The initiative that gave $6 million toward COVID-19 patients.

Glad Hump Day, since this excitement came exactly on time. In addition, I can’t resist the urge to see the brilliant planning of this humorous image from @PartitionBeat. These two were obviously bound to collab.

As stay-at-home requests are expanded, it’s appearing as though our hot lady summer will be in the house this year, so it makes one wonder—will there be another #SavageChallenge for this remix?