The White House as well as the congressional negotiators are reported to have almost reached an agreement regarding an aid package for the nation. The House, therefore, prepares to vote on the COVID-19 aid as early as Wednesday. 

Stenny Hoyer, the House Majority Leader revealed the date and time of the vote in a notice to all the members–22nd of April, 10 a.m.

He added that the members should be prepared to vote on the “interim” bill as well. He further assured them saying that they will be notified later with more than adequate information. 

Based on the latest turn of events, it can be assumed that the administration and the leadership have achieved an agreement regarding the “interim” bill.

This information has been confirmed by the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi as well. She also said that there are still a couple of “outstanding issues.”

Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, revealed that they are trying to straighten out the outstanding issues so that the aid package passes the Senate soon. The expected aid amount is approximately 400-500 billion dollars.