Hong Kong has been striving hard towards a zero covid nation. The pandemic has left the whole world in shatters. It disrupted the normal life of the people. The worldwide spread of the deadly coronavirus resulted in a lot of fatalities.

Millions of people died from getting infected with the deadly virus. The initial variant and the Delta variant wreaked havoc in countries like America. Hospital beds were unavailable in most of the countries. The pandemic resulted in countrywide shutdowns all over the world.

This disrupted the world economy significantly. Some countries had their economy completely going down the drain. People lost their jobs and unemployment hit its peak during this time.

However, the good news is that the dark days are getting over. The world has recovered to a large extent and is getting back to normal. Unfortunately, a new wave of disease is being feared in Hong Kong.

The country has experienced a sudden surge in the covid curve recently. As many as 1347 residents have contracted the disease recently.

The data was revealed on Sunday which made the authorities sit up and notice. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Hong Kong Fearful Of New Covid Wave 

Hong Kong is currently in a state of bother. Apart from recording 1347 infections, there is a possibility that 2000 more residents have contracted the virus.

These data have made the government very much concerned about the ongoing scenario. China has recently promised to cater to the covid needs of the country. They promised to help the country with testing and other medical facilities. 

The New wave in Hong Kong means food supplies might also take a hit. The government stated that a number of workers in the food sectors are down with the disease. This might hurt the flow of food supplies.

The authorities have issued strict mandates. They are monitoring the situation closely.