If you want to do some last minute shopping for Easter, you will have to be disappointed. For, Home Depot would be open for just a few hours, while Lowe’s would be completely closed. According to a representative, Lowe’s would remain closed as a symbol of solidarity with the workers who have been going at it for 24 hours for the last couple of weeks.

Marvin Ellison, the Chief of Lowe’s has spoken at length about how they wanted to thank the employees for ensuring that people had access to essential goods and necessities. And after tirelessly working for weeks at stretch, these employees deserve a break. Ellison also promised that this holiday would not hamper the minimum wage a worker at Lowe’s received.

Home Depot & Lowe’s
Home Depot & Lowe’s

On the other hand, Home Depot hasn’t given any statement for closing. But considering their stores have been closing at 6 pm every single day, it would be safe to assume that it would be the norm even on Easter. This not only prevents people from breaking lockdown but also ensures that workers can reshelve stocks while cleansing the store at the same time.

So it would be beneficial if you went early and didn’t wait for the last minute to shop for Easter.