Apparently, a continuation of the famous series Inuyasha is in progress, a lot to the delight of manga and anime fans all over the place. 

Inuyasha, for the people who probably won’t know, was a profoundly mainstream manga arrangement and anime series that ran for many years.

The manga ran from 1996-2008, while the first-ever anime ran from 2000-2004, with a second running from 2009-2010 to put an authoritative end on Inuyasha’s story. However, it shows up there’s more story to tell all things considered, as today’s idea workmanship was uncovered for what seems, by all accounts, to be a continuation of the narrative of Inuyasha.

The project is now known as Hanyo no Yashahime and seems to show the children of a few of the fan-most loved characters.

What’s truly catching a few people’s eyes anyway is that one of these pictures has Inuyasha and his sibling Sesshomaru out of sight, suggesting that perhaps we’ll get to reconnect with these characters in the story.

Hold Everything, An ‘Inuyasha’ Sequel Appears to Be in the Works

It has to be underlined that it’s not at present known right now if Hanyo no Yashahime will be a manga, an anime, or both. But, anything that proceeds with the account of Inuyasha makes certain to draw in a great deal of consideration, regardless of what structure it at last takes. No different subtleties are known right now however this is an advancement that will be firmly watched to perceive what happens to it.