Vince McMahon is a WWE legend. He has successfully ensured that WWE stays on top for as long as he has been there. He has witnessed the careers of some of the finest wrestlers wax and wane. He even nurtured potentially promising talents into legends.

However, WWE quality has been decreasing steadily, especially the storyline. The fans too have become aware of the decline. Ryback, a famous WWE veteran superstar, shared his insights regarding this issue.

According to him, McMahon is “not hungry anymore.” Since he has already achieved all that he had sought to and has made a lot of money. He isn’t as concerned about the creative facet of the show.

He further notes that the humongous size of WWE could be yet another reason. Since it already has become so huge and has a lot of fan following, McMahon doesn’t feel like trying anymore. At the same time, McMahon has a lot going on which has divided his attention. The business has been steady from a financial point of view.

McMahon doesn’t care about wrestling anymore, Ryback believes. He has been focused on increasing the revenue of the business. Rather than creating interesting storylines that would draw more people or nurturing megastars, McMahon is busy looking at numbers.

He further added that McMahon needs to step down. WWE, according to Ryback, needs people who are interested in the product and are willing to work hard for it.