duke basketball
duke basketball

Georgia Tech and Duke had their 88th meeting. This happened on the gridiron, this Saturday night.

As most of their meetings, earlier, have been classics, it was a different case this time. This is because, for a minute, they ran out of electricity. This happened earlier in the game, and it would have been better for Duke if they had stayed off.

The Tech And Duke Basketball Dynamics


Looking into the dynamics, both the basketball teams are off by almost the same number of weeks. Georgia Tech has been off for four weeks, and Duke for three.

The members of both teams play with a lot of hard work and dedication. When it comes to the respective coaches, both Georgia Tech and Duke Basketball coaches have made their way through a perilous season that was unprecedented.

According to David Cutcliffe, his team had given up on all forms of contact during practice. This statement was given after the game ended.

The loss of 56-23 of Duke had some very well-known backdrops. Those included the missed tackles, drops, and, overthrown receivers, among other things.

Tech totally matched the mistake of Duke for a 40 minutes stretch. Both the teams went on to the game with a 4-11 combined record. It was seen that both Duke and Tech had 19 penalties and 8 turnovers that were combined.

But things changed after Jarett Garner and Chase Brice connected. They connected for a score of 28-yard that took it to 33-35. Later in quarter 3, it was the Yellow Jackets that changed the game. After taking over, they made a close game turn into a blowout.

Though Garner and Brice connected on the TD of 28-yard, it did not go well after that. Duke’s defense was crushed by Tech ending the game with rushing yards of 377.