Here’s A Simple Website That Lets You Look Out Someone Else’s Window –

Here’s A Simple Website That Lets You Look Out Someone Else’s Window

by Terry Heick

Need a break?

I just recently found a website that offers you a much healthier option to examining twitter or facebook– it lets you watch out somebody else’s window.

Normally when I require a break from work, I walk, checked out a book, practice meditation, or do a brief burst of workout. I have actually seen birds arrive at windowsills in Brooklyn, individuals get on trains in Malaysia, and trees move gently in the breeze inSweden It’s quite amazing however perhaps I’m simply getting old and am quickly satisfied.

Using the website is simple– click the ‘Open a new window to somewhere in the world’ which’s it. You have actually spun the virtual wheel and who understands where you’ll wind up. Don’ t like the view? Try another window up until you discover on that you do.

You can likewise send your ‘window’ too if you have an interest in sharing your view of the world.

I have actually found a couple of wrinkles in the 2 days or so I have actually utilized it. One, it does not work especially well on mobile. The screen would freeze on my iPad no matter what web browser I utilized. The very same occurred with my phone.

Also, I was under the impression that the videos were all live however after viewing the very same individual stroll down the very same pier in Japan 3 times in an hour, I.

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