While one could put forward an argument that growth stocks are the real deal in Wall Street, they would be wrong in assuming that that has been the case throughout history. For, there have been many times over a course of history when growth stocks have taken the back seat for dividend stocks to take over. Goes without saying, stocks which are dividend-paying always tend to be profitable, and time-tested in businesses which have navigated through a number of downturns in the economic sector. The mere fact is- when a company shares its profit percentages with its investors, it is mostly because the managerial team really understands the company’s potential. 

There have been two categories of companies that indulge in dividend stocks. One of them is the Dividend Aristocrats, who have paid their dues for the last 25 years. But the much lesser group involves the companies that are publicly listed and have been paying quite an uninterrupted dividend much longer than any living person has. They might not increase their payout like the Dividend Aristocrats, but their quarterly income has simply become the norm now. 

These are the 15 companies that have been paying dividends for the last 125 years

1. York Water

2. Bank of Montreal

3. Bank of Nova Scotia

4. Toronto-Dominion Bank

5. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

6. Stanley Black & Decker

7. Royal Bank of Canada

8. ExxonMobil

9. BCE

10. Eli Lilly

11. Colgate-Palmolive

12. Coca-cola

13. Procter & Gamble

14. Johnson Controls

15. UGI Corp

Several of the companies listed here have been at the top of their game for quite a long period of time. For example, Coca-cola is one of the most recognized brands around the world- which has allowed it to pay dividends for 127 consecutive years, along with increasing the annual payout for the last 60 odd years.