The Coronavirus pandemic has brought life in the US to a halt. With people across the nation unable to leave their homes owing to the lockdown, Her Campus envisions a grand commemoration for the senior students graduating this year.

Keeping in mind that large gatherings have been forbidden in the weeks to come the graduation program has been arranged by The site has already been displaying a message to save the date May 15, 12 p.m. ET for this occasion. There will be speeches, music, giveaways and even shoutouts to give the feel of a real party. 

Her Campus Media co-founder and editor-in-chief CEO Stephanie Kaplan Lewis remarked, “Many things may be out of our control right now, but it won’t stop us from ringing in the class of 2020’s graduation in a meaningful way.”

With this, the graduating students will be able to cherish their achievement sitting with their family and watching from home itself. According to Lewis, this is just a small attempt to celebrate the pivotal milestone as well as the essence of togetherness.