HTBX Heat Biologics is a biopharmaceutical firm that develops immunotherapies that activate a cancer patient’s immune system by activating T-cells and expansion. There are two variations of intradermal administration, like immune pan-antigen cytotoxic therapy that perform as an activator for the immune system. A combination of the variants is also available. Ad double-acting immunotherapy delivers antigen T-cells to activate. 

On Monday, HTBX opened with $5.98 of share value. Researchers and analysts predict the firm’s EPS to be $0.34 for that quarter. The firm’s next reports on earnings are expected to be reported on 8 of February. Two analysts reported amounts of the EPS, one specifying $0.43 and the other providing a forecast of $0.28. HTBX is forecasted to post an EPS of $1.20 for this year. For the following year, analysts forecast the EPS would be $1.07. 

Research Reports On NASDAQ: HTBX

Riley reported a rating of “buy” on Heat Biologics shares. ValuEngine gave the share of the company a hike, rating it a “buy” from the previous rating of “hold.”

The firm did post a revenue for the quarter, as $0.85 million. It reported $0.42 EPS for that quarter in its last earning results. The estimated revenue against the posted was $0.59 million. The EPS were forecast either $0.28 or $0.14. The yearly low and high of the company is $1.37 and $30.10.

Director Edward Smith of HBTX sold his 103,304 shares for $106,403.12. Several other institutional investors have removed or bought more of their positions in the pharmaceutical-giant. Insiders of the company own more than 5.50% of its stock, while over 5.86% of the total stock is held by institutional investors of hedge funds.