There are a couple of amazing cosmic events that might take place this April as it comes to an end. The field of Astronomy will go through a bright time this month if you look at the sky. 

On the 27th of April, Venus will turn on its brightest side. The Moon will settle in a bright cluster of stars, Messier 35.

If you look at the sky, you will find Venus sit prominently during this period. It will be about 60 million miles away from Earth. So, light from Venus will take 6 minutes to arrive on Earth. 

Astronomy Goes Bright This April

The Pleiades can also be found in the Taurus constellation. If you are interested in Astronomy, you should look below the crescent moon during the evening and you might be able to see the star cluster, which is almost 440 lightyears away. As your eyes adjust to the night sky, you might be able to see the dazzling stars. 

Out of the many numbers of stars, you will find Orion, settled at the lowest point, in the southwest. It is going to face Taurus. It might appear to you as if Orion is trying to hunt the Bull, Taurus.

Canis Minor and Canis Major are the two hunting dogs of Orion, present on his left. Canis Major will appear as the brightest star and is actually, the dog star, Sirius. 

The right arm of Orion has Betelgeuse, a bright star that has recently started dimming. As per scientists, it is at the end of its life cycle and would soon explode into a supernova. It is uncertain when that would take place. 

You might also be able to see a few more planets – all visible to your naked eyes. Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter will be visible and if you have a telescope, you might even spot the moons of Jupiter or the rings of Saturn.

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