HBO MAX on Roku
HBO Max on Roku

You can now enjoy HBO Max on Roku. And you do not even need a workaround for this. The announcement concerning this news was just made yesterday by the two digital media giants. Following the announcement, there has been an agreement between HBO Max and Roku.

Given the agreement, Roku will now be offering its exposure of 46 million users to the streaming giant. HBO Max, together with its agreement with Amazon, is all prepared for the big day of its launch. The Amazon-HBO pact happened in the month of November.

Know, How Can You Watch HBO Max On Roku

If you have been a user of the vanilla HBO version then the process of upgrading will be free of any interruption. The process will be the same as when HBO Now switched over to the regular HBO for rebranding purposes. The HBO channel will be updated and replaced automatically with the brand-new HBO Max on Roku. Also, you can still continue with your login id which will not stop working.

The process is supposed to be easier for a fresher. You will see that the Roku Channel Store already has Max for download. Just include it in your smart TV or Roku. But you will have to have an HBO Max subscription to move forward. Though this is not something to worry about as you will have the subscription usually.

The distinct nature of the hold-up is unknown to the world. What is clear is the reason behind it. Warner Bros made the announcement about its upcoming films for the new year and where they would be streamed. all the awaited movies including Wonder Women 1984, which is to be released this Christmas, will be released in the theaters on HBO Max simultaneously.