“Haypost” CJSC launches a new money transfer system – Panorama

“Haypost” CJSC collectively with the Russian Post launches the new “PosTransfer” money transfer system because. As the business reported in a launched declaration, this is the very first authorities passage to be opened not just in the CIS area however likewise amongst all UPU members- signatories to the Postal payment services contract. The opening was warmly invited by the client, stated the business.

The system permits making money transfers from Armenia to Russia and vice versa from any post workplace of Armenia and Russia for just 1.2% commission. Money transfers will be served in more than 800 post workplaces in Armenia and in more than 30.000 service points in the Russian Federation, which indicates that thanks to “Haypost” now money transfers will be offered even in the most remote areas.

The system is likewise offered online, making sure optimal speed. In simply 15 minutes after the money transfer, the addressee can get the quantity from any post workplace in Armenia or Russia.

The choice to produce a single money transfer system was embraced throughout the Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul in2016 The staying member states of the UPU are anticipated to sign up with PosTransfer system at subsequent phases.

The Universal Postal Union is a worldwide intergovernmental company and a specialized company of the United Nations, which unifies 193 states.

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