Harry Styles

Since his adolescent years in the boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has been on the road, performing on one global tour after another. As a result, he’s been thinking a lot about the concept of home. Consider the title of his latest album, Harry’s House, which was released today.

Morning Edition spoke with Styles on the idea of home and where he found it during and after the lockdown, as well as helping friends recover and the process of divorcing the pop star from the man, especially when the former has been the latter for so long. And she discovered that while she was investigating him for the interview, he was also researching her. 

Harry Styles Opens Up About His Next Project

A Rolling Stone spread announces a young idol’s transformation into a rock star. Harry Styles received the classic rock’n’roll treatment five years ago, in the lead-up to his first album: Cameron Crowe, the acclaimed journalist, and director has written a 6,000-word essay. Cameron compared Styles’ voice to Rod Stewart’s, his staff to the Beatles, and his recording facility to Big Pink during their lunch in Laurel Canyon.

When a rock musician transforms into a lifestyle blogger, he reveals it on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens. Styles’ inclusion in the June issue of that newspaper, which has stories about organic fertilizer and Meyer lemons and seldom features performers of Styles’ caliber, brushes off the music press and effectively advertises his third album, Harry’s House. Harry is seen wearing Gucci pajamas and carrying a breakfast plate, indicating that his hard life is giving way to comfort and relaxation. Meanwhile, he’s selling Mick Fleetwood’s nail polish. Harry’s House’s “As It Was” is a piece of go-to music for curated domesticity supercuts on TikTok. The boy brand is in great shape.