harriet tubman
harriet tubman

Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist leader, to be featured on the U.S $20 bills. The Biden administration decided to move ahead with what was first started by Barack Obama, the former President. But it was stalled by the Trump administration.

A new $20 bill that would feature Harriet Tubman was expected before 2028, during the Trump Presidency. But now, with the latest printing facilities, the printing of the new $20 bill will start in 2025. Tubman would replace President Andrew Jackson on the bills.

Harriet Tubman’s Contribution

Harriet Tubman was a slave. She is well known for her contribution in leading dozens of people who were slaves, to freedom, through underground railways, in the mid-1800s. After escaping her enslaved life in the plantations in Maryland, she arrived in Pennsylvania. She then made numerous trips to Maryland again to free dozens of more enslaved persons. While the Civil War carried on, Harriet Tubman served the US army in myriad roles- that of a cook, spy, scout, and nurse.

During his 2016 Presidential election, President Trump commented on his decision to feature Tubman on the bill. He called it “political correctness.” Trump wanted her to get featured on the US $2 bill instead, which was not ‘in’ for printing at that time.

His liking for Andrew Jackson, on the other hand, through his actions and tweets about him, clearly showed his preference. Andrew Jackson was highly criticized for having slaves and for being the reason behind the Legislation he signed to drive out Cherokees in thousands, away from Georgia.

Though the Trump administration stated a delay back in 2018, researchers reported it to be false. They blamed it on technical issues. Resources said that the design was ready and on paper, which should have had the bill’s rollout by 2020.