Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld

Hawkeye’s set photos reveal Hailee Steinfeld’s first look in Bishop’s superhero purple costume designed for the Disney+ show(MCU).

Hailee Steinfeld was considered for playing Hawkeyes’s role months ago. Her casting got confirmed after Hawkeye, Marvel’s sharpshooter, production began. Hailee Steinfeld was seen alongside Jeremy Renner on the set.

Jeremy Renner is starring in the role of Clint Barton. Filming is currently going on in New York on the MCU Disney+ show Phase 4. Steinfeld was spotted wearing one shirt seen in the comics but many were hopeful of seeing her appearance in Bishop’s costume soon.

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld Seen On Hawkeye’s Set

At the start of the show’s announcement, Marvel Studios came up with the concept of art which confirmed that Kate will come up with a purple costume like in her comics. The purple-colored suit being Kate’s trademark has been Hswkeye’s primary design in her comics. The MCU costume mostly represents the concept of art that was previously released.

The MCU superhero costume is like an earlier prototype or variations of the suit designed by Kate Bishop. Kate’s Hawkeye costume can evolve like the costume of Sam Wilson in The Falcon. This suit version might also be designed for colder weather because the filming will be done in December and the series is releasing in the New Year of 2025.

One point which is being speculated is the reason why Bishop is dressing up like that, fully armed with arrows and bows which signals she might be expecting a fight. Clint and Kate could be having an encounter with Tony Dalton(Swordsman), or Fra Fee(Clown), or Madame Masque or Alaqua Cox(Echo).

Considering the number of pictures that have already been surfacing from the film Hawkeye, it should not take long before other photos arrive featuring Kate Bishop in an action sequence.