gretchen whitmer
gretchen whitmer

The alleged conspiracy to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan collapsed when two of the four men accused were acquitted in the plot. The conspiracy was motivated by anger at the tough pandemic restrictions imposed in 2020.

The verdict by the jury was read in the presence of accused Brandon Caserta and Daniel Harris in the Grand Rapids, Michigan Federal Court. The case was headed by Robert Jonker, US District Judge. But the jurors failed to arrive at a verdict in the case of ringleaders Barry Croft Jr and Adam Fox.

Fox, Harris, and Croft face more serious charges, including conspiracy in the use of explosives and conspiring to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, both carrying life sentences.

Defense lawyers maintained that their clients were credulous ‘weekend warriors’ who were prone to wild talk and were frequently stoned. They alleged that they were tricked into a conspiracy by FBI informants and undercover agents.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, submitted evidence that countered the entrapment claim. They proved that the accused had discussed abducting Gretchen Whitmer before the sting operation initiated by the FBI.

The accused had moved way beyond just talking as they had scouted the summer home of Gretchen Whitmer and had tested explosives, according to the prosecutors.

While Croft is a native of Delaware, the others are residents of Delaware.

Materials To Make Bomb To Be Used To Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer Submitted As Evidence By Prosecution

On Friday, Robert Jonker acknowledged that deliberation was tough as a decision had to be unanimous when it concerned acquittal or conviction.

There were a total of ten charges in the kidnapping case. 1 was against Brandon Caserta, 3 against Croft, 2 against Fox, and 4 against Harris. Other than the common charge of conspiracy to kidnap, there are additional charges related to firearms and explosives.

Judge Jonker said that there was a need to arrive at a unanimous decision whenever possible. And if it was not possible, that was what he wanted to hear as the final verdict in the case.

Pennies that were intended to be used as shrapnel were submitted before the Judge, to be used to disable Gretchen Whitmer’s security. Prosecutors alleged that the group indulged in anti-government extremism, while the defense maintained that they were framed by agents who had infiltrated their group.