Greenback returns: How dollar stores came back to Cuba

Benito Morej ón ensured to sign up with the line early.

Benito Morej ón got to the grocery store prior to dawn to declare an area near the front of the line.

The grocery store in Havana is among a variety of stores opened by the Cuban federal government on the island in which standard food and health items can be spent for with the currency of its ideological opponent: the United Statesdollar


When the cops ultimately opened evictions numerous hours later on, he was 4th in a line that extended back numerous metres along Third Avenue in Havana’s Playa district.

Cubans eager to stock up on basics came equipped with persistence.

The line was barely unexpected. Inside, the shop was perfectly equipped with much-needed basics from infant milk to shower gel. However, the catch was that the only appropriate type of payment remained in a foreign …

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