On Monday, Governor Kim Reynolds released a new set of guidelines for COVID-19. The guidelines specify which places require wearing face masks. 

Governor Kim Reynolds’ office issued its latest COVID-19 restrictions on Monday. The guidelines will be in effect from Tuesday till the 10th of December. One of the rules specifies that older individuals are required to wear a facemask if they visit a public area and are close to other people. This rule will be applicable to both state and private buildings or locations. 

If an individual, who has health conditions that make it difficult for them to wear face masks, works in a secluded area, the individuals can opt to not wear his or her facemask. The same goes for athletes, people eating food, individuals exercising, individuals in educational, cultural, artistic performance, and people in religious places. Individuals engaged in medical treatment that requires taking off the facemask, individuals asked to reveal their identities by safety authorities can also remove their masks in public. 

Kim Reynolds’s office also said that people teaching in schools can also opt to not wear their facemasks, given that appropriate social distancing is maintained. 

Kim Reynolds On Public Gathering

As per the guidelines, only fifteen people are allowed to gather indoors. This is applicable for funerals, family gatherings, weddings, festivals, etc. This rule is not applicable to office spaces, like retail businesses and office meetings. Likewise, only thirty people are allowed to gather outside for such nonessential gatherings. 

Hospitals are required to admit patients with COVID-19 symptoms as a priority. 

As per the guidelines released by Kim Reynolds, other state officials will be allowed to implement the said restrictions.