The local Government Secretary recently issued a statement where he urged councils to keep parks open, even in the face of the global pandemic. Robert Jenrick was most disappointed with the council’s policies of closing the parks in a bid to reduce a gathering of people- thereby reducing the number of coronavirus afflicted patients.

But Jenrick believes that closing the parks won’t solve the problem while bringing forth a host of new ones. Especially, one where homeless people don’t have a living space to lie down at the end of the day or people who don’t have the necessary space to get their breath of fresh air.

“While the virus does not discriminate we know that the lockdown is much harder for people who don’t have a lot of living space, for people who don’t have a garden and for those who don’t have anywhere for their children to run around.” 

But he also advised people to maintain social distancing protocols and not congregate in huddles around the park. Along with this, he also issued a statement to the councils to have the cemeteries open for families who would find peace in these troubling times by grieving for their lost ones.