Supreme Court
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court rejected efforts of reversing election results in Pennsylvania despite President Trump’s efforts of winning another term. Mike Kelly, Republican Rep. brought this lawsuit arguing in favor of a 2019 law that declared mail-in voting as unconstitutional. So the ballots cast by the mail should be declared void.

The application seeking injunctive relief which was presented to Justice Alito stands denied. Mike along with other lawmakers moved the court on 21st November requesting to either reject over 2.5 million votes by mail or to allow the lawmakers for selecting presidential electors.

Details Of The Supreme Court Order

The Supreme Court dismissed the application on 28th November stating that the GOP waited a long time before challenging the law. Justice Alito shifted the deadline for election administrators for filing their response towards Kelly’s appeal to Tuesday. Tuesday is the day by which all states should settle remaining disputes regarding elections and certify the results.

According to Wolf’s administration, they have waited more than a year for challenging Act 77 and they don’t acknowledge the turmoil, acrimony, and upheaval that this decision would unleash. Clarke Kristen, President, Lawyer’s Committee of Civil Rights termed the Supreme Court’s order as a key victory for American democracy. The order was also a victory for the Black Americans whose votes and voices matter.

Even in a rally in Georgia on Saturday, Trump reiterated his unfounded and false claims about the rigging of the election and how it is filled with deception, fraud, and deceit. He called upon the Supreme Court and legislatures to save his country.

Trump’s campaign already filed various lawsuits which were dismissed by judges offering scathing remarks. But Trump’s allies have not stopped filing lawsuits.

Electoral College electors will meet across the USA in states on 14th December for casting their votes.