Google’s most recent in the ‘Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Doodles’ series lets you play the instrument called the theremin.

Google’s Throwback Doodle Lets You Play A Theremin, And Features A Legendary Performer

The doodle praises virtuoso theremin Clara Rockmore and lets people make their own music. It additionally includes Rockmore singing the notes.

Google brought back the 2016 doodle made to praise the amazing artiste on her 105th birthday celebration and lets people play the not very famous instrument that is said to have roused the synthesizer later.

The uninitiated, the theremin is an electronic instrument that is played with no physical contact, and the performer is known as the thereminist.

The motion-controlled instrument comprises two metal receiving wires that sense the general situation of the performer’s hands. The player control oscillators for recurrence with one hand, and plentifulness with the other.