Google is planning to end video calls that has low quality. The company is going to do this by the AI that will fill in the gaps that bad connections make.

WaveNetEQ is working by the library of speech to keep short gaps in the conversations going.  Artificial Intelligence has instructed to fix all syllable sounds and to fill the gaps of almost 120 milliseconds.

Coronavirus outbreak led video calls the priority for people as the stopped seeing each other.

When you’re calling using the internet, data is split into small bits called segments. So, a low connection can make these bits reach the person you’re speaking with, in delay or not in order and sometimes you may lose the call.

Google stated that 99% of calls made by the Duo application have some kind of issues related to audio. 20% of them lose at least 3% of their total call audio, and 10% lose around a tenth.

WaveNetHQ works by particularly making speech data to fill the gaps made by segments in the audio.

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