Even though Google had officially announced the launch of Google Pixel Buds back in October of 2019, most users haven’t yet received the product. 

Mystery surrounds the product as not much is known about these second-generation wireless earbuds. Astonishingly enough, Google has already launched the companion app called ‘Google Pixel Buds’ on the Play Store. 

What Is So Special About Google Pixel Buds? 

After connecting to a device, Google Pixel Buds allow the user to control several aspects of their Google Pixel cell phone. Features such as Google Assistant and several other inbuilt adaptive features will be controllable through the Google Pixel Buds

The device comes with a user friendly “Find Device” feature that will help you locate the device remotely. You can also check the battery percentage of both the buds and the case. The company also plans on rolling out a manual on how to handle the app once the Pixel Buds hit the market. 

Rumors have surfaced that Google has probably introduced most of the technicalities of the earbuds in their existing devices. With Google Pixel 4, it is being thought that all one needs to do is go on the Play store, and update the app- instead of installing it for the first time. 

On other phones, one can install the Google Pixel Buds app, but one also needs to buy the Google Pixel earbuds to properly run it. As reports go, the previous generation Earbuds probably aren’t compatible with the Google Pixel Buds app. 

The APK of the initial version, tagged as 1.0.308054094, has been made available on APK Mirror. In case you want to sideload it manually, the Giants of Mountain View might soon add an upgrade to the pre-existing Google Pixel Buds.