Google outage
Google Outage

Most users of Google’s websites and services were affected by the massive Google outage that took over all of it this Monday. Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, and Google Assistant all froze for about 60 minutes.

The issue with Gmail was finally acknowledged by Google. It was done so at around 7 in the morning. Both personal services and business were affected by it.

Later at 7:52 AM sharp, the search engine giant made it known to its users that the Google outage had been fixed for the bigger half of the users. A similar notice could be seen in all the other services of Google.

Reasons For Google Outage

According to the preliminary assessment, the reason for the Google outage is an unexpected pattern in identity management.

The cloud support page of the company had the reason displayed. It said that the management system of the quota which was an automated one has some irregularity. This was what reduced the capacity of the system of central identity management. This however led to the worldwide error return. Google also mentioned that the user requests could not be verified as authenticated.

Google outage did not leave Google’s internal system unaffected. The status page of all the services of Google went red. This indicated the outage that had occurred. Currently, the page is in green.

DownDetector witnessed reports of a staggering number. The report number of YouTube went more than 100,000. The workspace apps of Google were too got affected. Google Docs and Google meet were also among the affected applications.

People starting turning towards the social media platform Twitter to report. The hashtag ‘#YouTubeDOWN’ started trending there as the basic services could not be accessed owing to the short-lived Google outage.