This pandemic has resulted in various video conferencing portals finding themselves in great demand. Amongst them, Google Meet is faring pretty well, and with Google bringing in several changes it might actually soar right to the top. After the popularity of Meet, Google is trying to take it up a notch higher by bringing in Zoom features, which include a tiled layout, low light mode, and a single complete Windows tab. 

Although Google PR has always been pretty in-your-face, in this instance they have tried to be secretive. But what we have gleaned out is that the number of participants would increase from 4 to 16 on a tiled layout. There are plans to bring in even newer layouts which would be conducive to presentations and bigger office meetings. Also, one would be able to share and receive high-quality video footage. 

In the event that you need to attend a meeting at night under low light, Meet will use AI to automatically brighten up surroundings so that your face remains visible enough. Interestingly this will be available on cell phones, before the web. 

But most importantly, Meet us planning on bringing noise cancellation features into the market which would be extremely important if you are trying to prevent your boss from listening to your dog.