Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas (27) said in a statement this Saturday, January 9, that he is extremely apologetic for uttering a homophobic slur during an impassioned match at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. This is the calendar-year opening tournament of golf’s PGA Tour season, played in Hawaii on the island of Maui.

The slur was uttered by the pro golf star under his breath after he missed his game on the fourth hole in a 5-foot par putt.

Justin Thomas clearly states, “it’s inexcusable”. In his apology statement he mentioned that he wanted to apologize first off. He further mentioned that he is an adult, a grown man so there is no reason at all to utter something like that. Thomas was embarrassed at his wrongdoing. He said “it’s terrible”.

Justin Thomas To Be Fined By PGA Tours For Uttering Homophobic Slur

The player also made an appeal to the people saying that this action does not define him as a person. He stated that he is not that kind of a person nor does he do anything like that. Along with his apology, he also stated that there is no reason to not own up to the mistake that he committed. He mentioned that it is unfortunate but true that he has to own up to this action. However, he is sincerely apologetic for the incident.

Later in his statement Justin Thomas further mentioned that he was not aware that his utterance had been picked up. Plus, he was completely unaware that the homophobic slur had created quite a stir in social media.

The player finished the PGA tour with a 5-under 68 and is four hits behind the lead currently.

Following the Justin Thomas incident, the PGA Tour issued a statement condemning the utterance of a homophobic slur by the pro Golf player. They mentioned that the slur was “unacceptable” and that Thomas will possibly be fined by making the comment.