Go read this Motherboard article about a prolific vigilante taking down cheaters in Overwatch and Valorant

Game designers are in a continuously fight with cheaters, and now some designers are getting an extra hand from an anti-cheat vigilante disappointed with individuals who offer themselves an unreasonable benefit.

Motherboard personnel author Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai profiled Mohamed “GamerDoc” Al-Sharifi, a 24- year-old who has actually invested a considerable quantity of time and energy searching down cheaters in both Overwatch and Valorant Al-Sharifi states he abhors cheaters and feels video games are “ruined” by individuals who unjustly desire an advantage. He’s ended up being notorious in the unfaithful neighborhood as “an asshole who sends cheat loaders to Riot,” one cheat designer informed Motherboard At one point, Vice discusses that somebody even produced a Go FundMe page to employ an assassin to eliminate Al-Sharifi, though we discovered it’s a fake— the majority of the “contributors” were copy/ pasted from this unrelated memorial fund.

Within the last 2 years of doing this, Al-Sharifi approximates that in between 50,000 to 70,000 cheaters throughout Overwatch and Valorant have actually been prohibited as a outcome of his anti-cheat examinations. Cheating has actually been a issue in competitive video gaming for many years, and in 2020, designers of a few of the most popular PC video games are still combating a wave of cheaters and hackers.

As explained by Motherboard, here’s …

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