Gina Carano
Gina Carano

After a series of Gina Carano’s social media posts went viral, Lucasfilm put up a statement last week where the spokesperson mentioned that the actress would not be employed by the company in the future. The statement further claimed that the production company had no plans for the actress in the near future, but this was not the only reason. Her tweets and posts on Instagram and Twitter were pretty abhorrent and insulting- something the media house wouldn’t stand for. Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian had Gina Carano play the role of Cara Dune- a bounty hunter. While her fans did expect her to be in the scheme of things- it simply isn’t the case anymore. 

Gina Carano’s Posts Have Landed Her In Trouble

One of the social media posts that received a lot of flak was a Tiktok video where the actress compared Nazi Germany to 2021 USA. The caption found the ex-MMA fighter talking about how the atrocities faced by the Jews for years on end was similar to the divided political climate in the country. The actress also claimed that the situation was eerily similar- for neighbors were made to turn against each other- something she believes is taking place in America this very day. 

Several of Gina Carano’s problematic posts were removed from Instagram, but this didn’t stop people from reposting them with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano. In some other posts, she had spoken about how it was quite stupid to believe that everyone would share the same ideology. And while her supporters have been claiming Freedom of Speech and Expression as her defense, her posts have definitely riled up a larger section of the population.

Before this diatribe about political divisions, Gina Carano had been under the spotlight for making fun of social media users who put their preferred pronouns on their bio. Later, she retracted her statements, claiming that fellow actor Pedro Pascal had helped her understand the problem. She further stated that it was never her intention to hurt the expressions, opinions, and sentiments of others- especially those who were ‘most vulnerable’.