A bill was passed recently with the votes of 152-3, by Georgia’s state House. This bill would screen the Glynn County Police Department for its mishandling of the incident of Ahmed Arbery’s death. 

The Peach State has several counties which have their respective county police departments. The bill gives the power of elimination to Georgia voters if they decide against their county police departments

Arbery was shot in February, while he was jogging when he was tailed by three white men. It took two months along with the video of the killing for the police to make any arrests regarding the case. This incident, followed by the killings of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, and George Floyd in Minnesota, have raised the voice of protesters throughout the country. The protests are to end the deep filled racism in the DNA of the country and the resultant police brutality.

Travis and Gregory McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan have all been charged with felony murder in connection to Arbery’s death. State Representative Don Hogan, replies that these arrests should have been made earlier.

As the legislation waits for the state Senate, state Representative Al Williams also mentions that there have been too many missteps in the process, and it’s time for the country to take a new direction.