On Monday, Georgia governor, Brian Kemp applauded President Trump on his work in handling the global pandemic. 

Brian Kemp held a press conference that followed physical distancing after rumors surfaced about a dispute between him and President Trump. He claimed that he had “another great call” with Trump just hours before the press conference. 

Kemp emphasized his appreciation of the White House and claimed that he was coordinating his policies with the Trump Administration. 

He further took a shot at the media and accused them of trying to cause a rift between the president and himself. 

“The media wants to continue to divide us during this period. But let me assure you, there will be no dividing. We’re going to continue to work with his administration and the president and the vice president and the task force,” said Kemp. 

Earlier last week, President Trump told reporters that he and his Veep, Mike Pence, did not agree with Brian Kemp on his decision to ease coronavirus restrictions. However, sources from the Capitol Hill suggested that the White House supported the governor’s decision. 

Kemp did not respond to any of Trump’s criticisms. He, however, continued to praise the president and his administration. 

Brian Kemp says Yes to Reopening Georgia 

The governor also asserted that he was not going back on his decision to reopen Georgia. He claimed that local businesses in the state were ready to operate again. He further thanked the medical system for increasing the virus testing capacity. 

Kemp added that easing the coronavirus restrictions was a part of his plan to revive the economy. 

Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Kathleen Toomey, refuted the governor’s claims and said that Georgia was not ready to reopen. She also warned the public to not travel unnecessarily till the pandemic ends. 

Georgia’s quarantine restrictions will expire by Thursday midnight. Brian Kemp showed no indication of extending the lockdown.