George Springer
George Springer

The Blue Jays have finally managed to acquire, George Springer, the coveted superstar. He is all set to join the franchise as both parties have agreed to sign a 6-year deal for a whopping $150 million.

George Springer is a leading outfielder who has been signed by the Blue Jays with the help of the free-agent class for a long-term deal.

A New Journey For George Springer

George Springer is 31 years of age and has been honored with the All-Star award 3 times. He has also received the Most Valuable Baseball Player in the World Series of 2017 right after the controversial victory of the Houston Astros.

Blue Jays have been very keen on signing the coveted star despite losing out on a few other star players including Liam Henriks and Francisco Lindor. Eventually, they successfully managed to land Springer and they are hoping to contend for the League East of America with the help of their newly upgraded team.

The deal between George Springer and Blue Jays is the leading free-agent deal in the entire market. Springer will soon sign a massive deal of $150 million. He has played the first 7 MLB seasons for the Astros and has also won the 2017 title of World Series.

Springer is presently placed 4th in the history of MLB in the home run playoffs. He brings the much-required quality for the bullpen of Toronto. After Blue Jays have officially sealed the deal with George Springer, they are also looking to land Michael Brantley, Astros outfielder. As known to all, Brantley is a close friend of Springer.

Springer is a potential threat with a strong defense in the center field. As a result, this deal makes Blue Jays a serious contender of the League East.