In most recent news about Geoffrey Berman and White House’s face-off, Berman has finally decided to step down. 

Berman, a persecutor, is famed for investigating President Trump and other people in his administration. He recently came into limelight after he refused to step down from his position, despite the White House’s consistent efforts. 

William Barr, top Attorney General, wrote Berman a letter indicating the president’s wish to remove him from his position. Berman’s second in arms is supposed to take charge after him. 

No clarification has been provided for Berman’s sudden ejection. After the prosecutor refused to resign, Barr personally requested Trump to remove him. To which, the President conceded. 

Few hours after the decision, Trump was asked for an explanation by reporters. He said the department was not under him and denied any involvement in the matter. 

The past 24 hours have been a remarkable struggle over power among top prosecutors. Berman was involved in investigating the President’s lawyer. His office is currently probing Trump’s activities. 

In the power struggle debacle, Barr first asked prosecutor Berman to step down, to which he refused. Shortly after, Barr announced Berman’s resignation. Nearly 2 hours after that, Berman came forward and denied his resignation. 

Last Friday, Barr showed interest in Craig Carpenito as a possible replacement. But now, since Berman was removed, Audrey Strauss, Berman’s deputy, will fill his shoes. 

Image Credits: Drew Angerer