Garett Bolles signs deal with Denver Broncos
Garett Bolles signs deal with Denver Broncos

News of Garett Bolles’ extension contract with Denver Broncos comes right after possible strikes of Broncos’ best left tackle becoming the best left tackle in the entire NFL.

Garett Bolles, 28, is known as one of the best left tackles Denver Broncos have to offer. One could also argue that Bolles is the best left tackle currently in the NFL and there was much uncertainty regarding Bolles’ stay at Denver Broncos.

Garett Bolles Got A $68 Million Contract With Denver Broncos

But all doubts seem to be erased now that John Elway, General Manager at Denver Broncos rewarded Garett Bolles in a major way. The Denver Broncos just signed him for a 4-year contract extension worth $68 million. This announcement came on Saturday, November 28th. According to latest stats, Garett Bolles is now one of the highest paid tackles playing for the NFL. He currently stands at the fourth-highest paid tackle at $17 million per annum. 

Bolles mentioned in a statement earlier this week that he is grateful to all the help he has received in the field. And to counter all the doubts that were thrown against him, he stated that he is a fighter and never gives up on his goal. He promised to continue giving the best for his team.

Now that Bolles is supposed to be with Denver Broncos for another 4 years, it can be assumed that Denver has the best left tackle in the NFL. And with all the motivation surrounding him, according to his statement, he might even get better in his game.