Cal Cunningham, a democratic candidate conceded to Thom Tillis(Senator, R-N.C.) a week after polling on Tuesday. Cunningham mentioned in his statement how he congratulated Senator Thom Tillis and his family on his reelection for a second term to the U.S Senate.

Thom Tillis’ win took the total number of seats held by GOP to 49, overtaking the Democrats by a seat. Republicans are ahead in Alaska while two elections will take place in Georgia in January. Republicans are bent on winning at least two seats to consolidate control.

N.C. Elections State Board confirmed 48.72% of votes to Thom Tillis and 46.95% to Cunnigham.

Thom Tillis explained how hard-fought the campaign was and wished best to Cal and Cal’s family for the near future. The attention of the entire nation was at the race.

Andy Jackson, Civitas Institute, elections analyst talked to Fox News about how everyone thought that Cunningham would win this one.

However, there are rumors about how Cunningham’s extramarital affair lent John Tillis a surprise advantage.

Cunningham being a married person admitted to sending and receiving romantic texts from Arlene Todd after messages got leaked. Guzman later confirmed to the press that it was a physical relationship.

According to Jackson, Thom Tillis, 60, however, had a lot of disadvantages because N.C. voters are not so supportive of their senators(incumbent ones). They have rejected almost all of the senators modern or old after they have completed one term.

Cunningham’s road was a lot simpler than Thom Tillis but yet he couldn’t win.