Twitter is all in rave about the new Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS limited edition bundle. This is a promo campaign that has been started by Samsung, and it is really making the internet go wild all around. The pre-order for this bundle was put to live today morning. And what do you know – it was sold out within 1 hour. No wonder, there is substance behind the mad rave about this new bundle. The bundle actually consists of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G but this time, it is brought out  “Haze Purple” color. Well, that is not all though. Along with that, the bundle consists of purple Galaxy Buds+ which is ideal with the color of the rest of the set. Since this is BTS-styled, hence, you get the posters of your favorite band and also, a limited edition case. 

No wonder, BTS fans are going wild. This is going to be a precious reward for them!

The bundle has a price of around $1,320 or KRW 1.6 million. This is just a bit higher than the combined price of Galaxy Buds+ and S20+. Online stores might still have supply but it is sold in limited geographical areas. The phone itself will start shipping in South Korea from 29th June and worldwide from 9th July.