Hollywood is not a stranger to whitewashing their movies. Most recently, Gal Gadot is under fire for accepting the role of Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen in an upcoming movie. 

Gal Gadot revealed the latest update on 11th October. Since then, many have come forward against “whitewashing” the queen of Egypt by Hollowood casting directors. 

Social Media Users Ask If There Were No Egyptian Actresses To Play Cleopatra 

Many took to social media and said that casting Gal Gadot of Israeli descent to play the role of Cleopatra would be whitewashing the queen of Egypt. “Whitewashing” is a term used when Caucasian actors play non-white characters. 

One critic took to social media and said that Hollywood needs to cast an actress from Africa to play the role of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. Another person expressed dismay asking if there were no Egyptian actresses to take up the role that Hollywood had to cast Gal Gadot. 

Gal Gadot Teams Up With Patty Jenkins, Director Of Wonder Woman, For Cleopatra Movie

However, several users also defended the Hollywood casting directors’ choice to pick Gal Gadot. 

Many pointed out that Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt was not actually Egyptian but Greek. 

One social media user defended Gal Gadot and said that the Twitterati needs to get a lesson on history. 

What do you think about Hollywood’s practice of “whitewashing”? Is Gal Gadot guilty of taking roles from non-white actresses? 

The movie will be directed by Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman. Release date has not been announced yet.