Fyre Fest: Merch from the infamous fraud is being auctioned off by the US Marshals

“This Fyre Festival-branded clothing and other items that were seized from Billy McFarland were originally intended to be sold at the Fyre Festival itself but were kept by McFarland, with the intent to sell the items and use the funds to commit further criminal acts while he was on pre-trial release,” US Marshal Ralph Sozio stated in a news release

“The proceeds from the sale of these items, all traceable to McFarland’s $26 million fraud, will go toward the victims of his crimes,” he stated.

The online auction lasts through August 13, and bidding on the products seems competitive. Several Fyre- branded hats that were at first noted at $15 are currently as much as $200 to $300

The Fyre Festival, a music celebration embeded in the Bahamas, was promoted by social networks influencers, consisting of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, as a weekend of sun-soaked paradise amongst stars, personal luxury yachts, luxury chefs and artists. Star artists Blink-182, Migos, Lil Yachty and Major Lazer all were billed on the celebration’s lineup.

Tickets to go to the celebration had a cost to show that high end pitch.

But those who spent countless dollars for tickets were rather dealt with to mass poor organization, half-built camping tents and skimpy food alternatives on a mostly undeveloped island, resulting in “Lord of the Flies”- type mayhem. The devastating celebration preparation led a lot of the musical artists to back out, and a variety of civil claims declaring fraud were later on submitted versus the organizers.

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