The Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, made an announcement according to which he will a majority of the state workers. This announcement was made this Wednesday. The furlough plan will be initiated from coming January, and twice a month.

The indefinite continuation of the off-unpaid-days will result in a pay cut of 9%.

What Is Expected From The Furlough Plan?

According to the expectations of Governor David Ige, the Furlough plan will be causing the state to save 300 million USD per year, approximately. Not only that but, a bunch of budget cuts will also be introduced to the programs.

The Governor further stated that the furloughs will contribute to a number of other areas. It envisioned to prevent more than 4000 employees from getting laid-off. Not only that but it is also expected to address the general fund shortfall of 1.4 billion USD approx. in the coming 4 years.

The Hawaii Governor gave a few statements about the plan. He said that most of the first-hand responders like the firefighters and the nurses will be exempted from the furloughs. The employees, the salaries of whom are left unpaid by the general funds, will also be exempted. The Governor further stated that these steps were undertaken by him to protect the state employees from losing their jobs. And also, to ensure the smooth functioning of the government.

The plan is criticized mostly by the public workers union. According to them, the furloughs are premature and lack future plans. They also accused that it is the result of a unilateral decision.

The speaker of the house, Scott Saiki, is doubtful about the execution of the plan in January. He mentioned that the plan will severely be challenged by the unions. He also stated his fear of the legal challenges that the plan faces.