Fry's Electronics
Fry's Electronics

Fry’s Electronics is one of the last-standing brick & mortar stores for electronic chains in the United States. It is also, in particular, an institution of Silicon Valley. Several reports had reported that the company was going through some trauma that hasn’t been recovered. And now, the news has come that the company is finally shutting down. The news was headlined by several sources like Bill Reynolds as well as Matthew Keys. But it was then confirmed by KRON4, a local news broadcaster. 

The firm’s social media has also given hints about the closure. Their Facebook page was taken down from sight at all. Fry’s Electronics Twitter was also transformed into private feeds, which wasn’t just unlikely but also weird as it was public a couple of hours ago. The company hadn’t posted a single tweet as of recently either. 

But if anyone has ever visited Fry’s Electronics in the past couple of years, this wouldn’t be a shock to its customers. 

The Family-Owned Fry’s Electronics Closes

Fry’s Electronics is a business owned by a family. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down several businesses, especially start-ups. But then Fry’s isn’t just another startup. Even before the pandemics hit the world, the company was on the brink of extinction. This was due to the widespread use of online markets like Newegg or Amazon, including others. The company had recently begun a campaign as well. 

With it, one could find and match the prices of the gadgets they found online to the ones they buy from the store. The store went on to even add toys for children along with perfumes and then TV Gadgets. But when 2019 struck, the entire store chain became a ghost manor, with only empty aisles and shelves.