Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Congress is currently having negotiations concerning the coronavirus relief aid. There are chances that the aid might also bring about the stimulus check 2. The legislators are not yet done with a precise deal. This is the deal that may include the 600 USD stimulus check 2. However, the experts have something unpleasant to say about this. According to them, it will take some time for the people to receive the money in their respective bank accounts. After the law gets signed, it will take the Treasury two weeks to complete the process.

Stimulus Check 2 Arrival Date

Howard Gleckman who is a senior at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center gave a statement concerning the stimulus check 2. He stated that the process of the stimulus checks will probably begin in the month of January. He mentioned that there is a bigger problem concerning the stimulus checks and that is time.

The authorities are still not certain about the nature of the checks and the time it will take to reach the citizens. This was still the case even after the meeting that was held on Friday. The reason for all being the coronavirus induced lockdown.

Congress provided the people with financial aid in the month of March. Direct payments were provided under the CARES Act according to the marriage status. The unmarried were give 1200 USD, couples were provided with 2,400 USD with 500 USD given per child. The CARES Act amounted to a total of 2 trillion USD. People who earned over 99,000 USD a year were not included in the relief aid.

The IRS took about two weeks from the day the bill got passed, to distribute the money. Unfortunately, some who stood to be eligible for the aid, still have not received the money.