Free Mahmoud Nawajaa! – Middle East Monitor

A nine-year-old kid yells: “Leave dad alone. Get out. Your dog doesn’t scare me!”

The kid’s house has actually simply been attacked in the middle of the night by a rating of soldiers completely battle-dress, equipped to the teeth. Accompanying them is a vicious, experienced military hound.

The kid and his more youthful sibling are outwardly bold.

“Take care of the kids,” their dad informs his better half as the soldiers take him away.

He is blindfolded, handcuffed and led away into the night by this afraid gang of hooligans who pass themselves off as soldiers.

This scene is not fiction. It happened in the early hours of Thursday morning, 30 July, in inhabited Palestine.

The male, who now suffers inside an Israeli dungeon without charge, is Mahmoud Nawajaa.

Nawajaa is not a “terrorist” and even a member of the genuine armed resistance. He is the basic planner of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in Palestine.

The BDS motion which Nawajaa assists to lead is a totally tranquil, genuine project of resistance versus Israel’s unlawful profession and systemic bigotry.

The 15-year campaign to hold Israel to account with targeted, ethical boycotts, divestments and sanctions has actually made huge strides. Israel considers it such a danger to its apartheid routine that it commits its spy firms …

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