Nova Scotia was shaken by what is being reportedly called the deadliest shooting in the history of Canada. 16 people were killed, including a police officer. The attack took place within a 12-hour time frame, roughly.

Rev. Franklin Graham, however, remained of the opinion that regulating gun laws would do little to stop criminals or prevent similar occurrences in the future, as a reaction to the weekend shooting.

Supposedly, the suspect was impersonating a police officer, driving around in what appeared to be a police cruiser, wearing a police uniform. He committed arson, besides his shooting rampage, in the small town of Portapique in Nova Scotia.

Rev. Graham stressed on the inadequacy and impotency of gun control both in general and in Canada in particular. University of Sydney’s lists Canadian gun control laws as being sufficiently restrictive, with extensive background, mental, health, and criminal checks; as well as third-party and spousal interviews for individuals who apply for gun licenses.

Licensed firearm dealers are mandated to maintain exhaustive records of the purchase of each and every firearm or ammunition, and licensed gun owners are, by order of law, required to store the same in specific ways.