Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard is no more the manager of the popular football club, Chelsea. According to sources, the team has already chosen its next, manager. It is told that they will be appointing Thomas Tuchel in the place of Frank Lampard.

The authorities of the team made it known to the players of the team to be absent in the morning session which was planned beforehand. It was to take place in the training base of the club which is situated in the suburbs of Cobham.

Frank Lampard On Leaving Chelsea

The owner of the Chelsea club, Roman Abramovich, gave a statement with regard to the replacement of Frank Lampard from the managerial post of the club. He stated that it was one of the toughest decisions the club had ever made. The owner also stated his reason for saying so. Abramovich pointed out that it was difficult not because he shared a very close bond with the former manager, but because Frank Lampard, himself, was somebody with a very rich work ethics and integrity.

The owner further added that they were forced to take the decision of changing the manager of the club, under the circumstances at hand. He also went ahead to thank the former manager, both personally and on the team’s behalf,  for his contributions to the team.

Frank Lampard, too gave a statement with regard to the situation. He mentioned that he had been “disappointed” due to the fact that he was not given enough time. However, he expressed his gratitude towards Chealsea’s owner, Abramanovich, for providing him with the opportunity to serve the football club.

The former manager said that it had been a privilege to be the manager of the club. He further said that Chelsea has always been an important part of his life for a long time. Frank Lampard also thanked all of his fans for their undying support.