Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor

Franco Lindor, the All-Star shortstop for over four times is getting shifted to another city. This shift comes from the fact that his demands for the salary are agreed.

Francisco Lindor who is one of the best all-round players of the baseball game has been traded. Previously he was in the team Cleveland Indians. The team that he is now shifted to is the New York Mets. All this took place on Thursday.

Francisco Lindor To Play For The New York Mets

There is one more player who was traded along with Lindor. It is Carlos Carrasco, the pitcher. The new team of the two players, the New York Mets, has a new owner who is open to spending handsome amounts for the baseball game. The president of the New York Mets, Sandy Alderson,  gave a statement following the incident. It was said that the trading of both Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco had been an expensive one.

The Cleveland Indians are strapped for cash as of now. They traded the two players for four players that include both the infielders and the outfielders. The infielders are Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez. The outfielder is Isaiah Greene. There is one more player, Josh Wolf. The right-hander. This move has led the Cleveland Indians to make themse3lves a competitive team. A step that will take them to the longest World Series of baseball.

The baseball operations president of the Cleveland Indians, Chris Antonetti, gave a heartfelt statement following the trade. He revealed that both Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco were more than just players to the team. they were like family with whom a lot of great memories were shared. The president mentioned that trades are not an easy thing to carry out, however, it has to be done since it is the only right thing to be done.