Frame AI is a startup company based in New York which declared a $6.3 million Series A investment a few days back. This startup focuses on building AI, which helps conglomerates understand their clients better. 

“Frame is basically an early warning system and continuous monitoring tool for your customer voice,” Frame CEO and co-founder George Davis told TechCrunch. 

Simply put, this company brings in tools that other companies use in order to maintain an efficient client-company relationship. These tools help these companies have a better communication system in place that would increase productivity. 

Frame AI Raises $6.3M Series A to Help Understand Customers across Channels

“We then use natural language understanding to pull out emerging themes and basically aggregate them to account and segment levels so that customer experience leaders can prioritize taking actions to improve their relationships,” Davis explained.

The need for such an AI stems from the overburdening of communicative specialists personnel who would have to talk and grasp tonnes of data from clients and companies and then churn it into legible information that the company can use towards fulfilling client needs. Frame AI brings this to the market, wherein the company has the desired tools not just for listening to their clients wherever they are, but also for analyzing the information as they speak. 

While it is quite unfortunate that the company is making a booming business at a time when the entire world is in shock and fear, George Davis hopes that this would actually increase the efficiency of an approach that is intensely data-driven, thereby helping companies overcome the financial and productive crisis they are going through.