Fortnite Event
Fortnite Event

The live Fortnite event garnered a record-breaking 15.3 million concurrent players on 1st December. The Fortnite Event was a game season that was themed around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The event witnessed a grand ending paving the way for a new season.

It was an engagement of Marvel heroes like Thor, Iron Man, and Wolverine who joined forces against the supervillain. This combat was the dramatic showdown and this season will be replaced by the season 5 launch.

Approximately 3.4 million people watched the live event on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

The concert of Travis Scott at the beginning of 2020 had enticed 12.3 million players that were the highest so far.

Fortnite Event Details

At the beginning of this event, Galactus had gradually paved his way inside the island prior to roaring menacing words to establish his presence. Then he slapped the helicarrier resulting in his ousting from the sky while other players were motivated by the activities and presence of none other than Iron Man.

This Fortnite event was extraordinary because, in order to halt Galactus from wreaking havoc on the island, the players were forced to conduct a version of the renowned combat of an armed bus filled with explosives to feed to the supervillain.

This was piloted like an amazing arcade shooter. Ultimately it concluded with the explosion of Galactus which led to his oust from the island while remaining intact.

Season 5 of the 2nd chapter of Fortnite will be accessible on Xbox-series and PS5.

The preceding season was a cross-over between ‘The Mandalorian’ and the Disney spin-off of Star Wars. This was a massive hit.