Due to the pandemic, Apple had to change its approach to some models, including the leading model iPhone 12.

Various sources say that Apple does not want to delay the launch of the iPhone 12, so the company’s engineers use video and other means to help their Chinese counterparts to collect prototypes of the new iPhone model. Apple’s behavior is logical, as time goes on, and 5G smartphones are already becoming a commonplace in the market, and you can’t surprise others with this feature or overtake their competitors. Add to that the decline in demand for Apple products, and it’s clear that Apple is really in a hurry.

At the moment, Apple employees can’t go to China, so they have to solve other problems via the Internet. In this regard, a large number of photos are sent from the US to China via the Internet, which in one way or another are interconnected with the iPhone 12. This is of great concern to Apple’s management, as such a style of work can lead to premature leaks of information about design and other important details.

Restrictions on mobility are also a big problem in the United States, as Apple engineers do not have access to 3D printers to be able to produce this or that detail.

Sources say Apple’s test production will begin in June.