On Tuesday, Twitter announced the launch of ‘Fleets’ that are the disappearing tweets.

Every Twitter user can now see this ephemeral feature right on top of their timeline. These Fleets will appear as a Story bubble.

As Twitter has been facing a lot of pressure regarding their measures on expressing informal feelings and thoughts that border on controversial statements, this feature might be helpful. Fleet has been rolled-out from today for all iOS and Android users and will be accessible to all within the next few days.

Fleet was tried and tested in various countries where it was reportedly more comfortable for conversation for Twitter users. Users found the feature as a great way to express their casual opinions and personal feelings.

Fleet Feature

A Fleet is a Story usually seen on Instagram and Facebook. Through Fleet, users can reply to tweets, share messages, or videos with additional text options. Fleets will be available for 24-hours and disappear after that. Replying to fleets of other users will start as a DM chat.

At the moment, users have no way of knowing if others are taking a screenshot of their Fleet or if the bubble is available on top of their profile.

Nonetheless, just because it disappears in 24-hours doesn’t mean it cannot be re-tweeted or shared numerous times. Social media has its ways of making things viral and Fleet will not help in reducing the negatives.

Admittedly, a Fleet can help in reducing the traffic of unnecessary tweets. It will also catch-up as a one-time take on current issues like Instagram stories.

The entire debate around the US presidential election is expected to ease with this new feature of Fleet.